✞ Poppy Woppy ✞

"Oh my! I apologize for the mess I've made...I didn't mean to spill such fine wine. However...it's a pleasure to meet someone as wonderful as you. Please, do tell me about yourself. I'm all ears...~"

[ Crystal - Mateus ]

✞ Basics ✞

✞ Name: Unknown
✞ Alias: "Poppy Woppy"
✞ Age: 2,100+ (Physically 21)
✞ Gender: Female
✞ Pronouns: Sher/Her | They/Them
✞ Race: Aether Vampire
✞ Sexuality: Bisexual (Male Lean) | Polyamorous
✞ Position: Switch (Top Leaning)

✞ Relationship Status: Single
✞ Occupation:Bartender at The Crimson Door
✞ Likes: Blood, Wine, Fancy Clothes, Napping, Sweets.
✞ Dislikes: Bright Lights, Sour Candy, Vanilla, Loud Noises, The Heat, Bugs.
✞ Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Mixing Drinks, Drinking, and Modeling.

✞ Personality ✞

A woman filled with secrets, only few truly know who Poppy is. She rarely tells anyone her background, most of the time she claims she's the daughter of a well-known vampire. Believing that royal blood courses through her veins, Poppy acts snarky and entitled, only to a certain degree. Words constantly pour out of her mouth as it takes great effort to shut her up, saying things that pop into her head.Yet, Poppy knows a great deal how to use her words correctly. Whether that'd be seducing someone with her charm, or encouraging a friend, nothing can stop her from achieving her goal.Behind the snarky and smugful personality, lies a woman filled with love and care. She has a strict policy for her loved ones: those who hurt them shall gaze upon her blood-thirsty wrath.Likewise, Poppy claims to have a diet of only sweets and blood. Most of the time it's sweet, which caused her to gain a sweet tooth. But, blood is only reserved for the finest moments, including parties and on the bed. A messy eater some would claim.

✞ Other Information ✞

Poppy chose her alias since she believes revealing her true identity will put her and her position at risk. She looked at the first flower she saw, then decided a last name that rhymed with it. Her birthday is unknown, but she claims for it to be on April 24th. Most of the time she spends her birthday alone or surrounded by men. Poppy's dream is to live in a large castle with her own male harem. Men serving her wine as she lounges on a throne, adored forever. Her favorite colors are Black, White, and Red. Her least favorite colors (on her) are Yellow, Blue, and Purple. Believe it or not, but Poppy has two types: Men she can easily break down, or those who can put her in her place. She doesn't mind either option, she prefers to have some control. Poppy's favorite dessert from all time is caramel cheesecake. Bake that, and you've won the way to her heart. It's easy to fluster Poppy. Just drown her in compliments and praise, and next thing you know she's swooning. Poppy is self-conscious about her breast size, only being a B-C Cup. Poppy loves to drink, especially trying out new kinds of drinks. She frequents a few bars, but her number one choice is a simple glass of wine. Poppy is still adjusting to the modern age. Sometimes she doesn't understand certain trends due to being cooped up in her castle for hundreds of years. Likewise, she speaks in an old-fashioned manner....More coming soon...

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✞ Kinks ✞

Public Sex
Clothed Sex
Rough Sex
Mating Press

Face Fucking
Deep Throats
Recording/Taking Pictures
Drunk Sex

✞ Hard Limits ✞


Extreme Pain
Extreme BDSM

If you don't see your interest listed, just ask! Poppy will either accept or deny any requests you have.

✞ NSFW Gallery ✞

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✞ About Me ✞

Hi Hi! Milk here reporting for duty! I'm a 21+ roleplayer, and I love playing video games! I also love drawing, watching anime, listening to music, napping, etc etc, the list goes on lol.I really appreciate you looking through this carrd, it means a lot! Hope you had a fun time!

✞ Rules ✞

I will only RP with those 18+
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PMs Allowed
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No Lalafell (18+ RPs)
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